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TopPop Hits 70s 80s 90s

 Pop Hits!

 70s Pop!


Chilled out pop tunes from across the globe – everything you need to lighten your mood and relax! Slow jams, love ballads and upbeat pop rhythms – you'll find them all on Pop Soft Hits!



70s Pop Rock brings you the best Pop Rock classics from 1970-1979. We're proud to present a full decade of awesome tunes to keep you entertained in any situation.


 80s Pop!

 90s Pop!


Relive the most exciting decade of the 20th century, with 80s Pop Rock! All your favourite Pop Rock classics from the eighties, complete with techno synth sounds and brilliant beats to keep you rocking all day and all night.


The nineties was an amazing decade for pop rock, with entire subcultures being reborn to contribute to an amazing decade for music. We're proud to present everything you could possibly need, from Brit-pop to American alternative indie!


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